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New high-speed Electric train between London and Edinburgh

Lumo, Britain’s newest train provider, is hoping to take on airlines offering a greener alternative with their electric train service between London and Edinburgh. Lumo procured 5 new AT300 trains, made by Hitachi, which can carry 402 passengers at a speed of up to 140 miles per hour (mph). The 400 miles journey takes just over 4 hours. 

The inside of the cabin will make passengers who fly regularly feel right at home, with aeroplane style 2-2 seating configuration. Seats are ergonomically designed to help regulate blood flow to passengers’ feet and comes complete with tray table, lights and power outlets. Free Wi-Fi is available onboard as well as entertainment packages with movies, documentaries, children’s TV shows available. Speaking about Lumo’s travel experience, managing director of Lumo, Helen Wylde said, “We believe everyone has the right to travel in style. We are empowering people to make green travel choices that are genuinely affordable without compromising on comfort.”

Ms Wylde also emphasised that travel can be both affordable and green.

 “Travelling in the UK should not cost a fortune and it certainly shouldn’t be the planet that pays. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, we are likely to be more affordable and kinder to the planet.” 

Electric trains use between 20-35% less co2 per passenger than diesel-powered trains.  

Keeping in with their environmental theme, Lumo has also stated that 50% of food available will be plant-based. 

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