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Book returned to library 46 years late- Library posts a thank you on Facebook


After being checked out for five decades, a book has finally been returned to the library. The book had been due back on September 8, 1976- over 45 years ago!

The book was anonymously returned to the Owasso Library in Oklahoma, and in good humor they posted about it on their Facebook page.

“Thank you to whoever returned this copy of Annie Annie to us! According to the inside pocket, this book was due back to the Central Library on September 8, 1976. Only 46 years overdue!” they posted on Facebook.

Although some people in the comments expressed concerns about, the late fees the library assured everyone there wouldn’t be any.

“For those of you who are worried about late fines…this book was checked out before computer systems, so there was no way for us to tell who had it checked out. Plus the library no longer charges overdue fines so no worries either way!”

The book is Annie Annie by Molly Cone.

The Law of Nations, taken out by George Washington in 1789.

Although 47 years is a long time to have an overdue library book, it isn’t a record. George Washington, former president of the United States, borrowed a book from the New York Society Library and didn’t return it at all. In fact, it wasn’t until 2010 that the book was returned, after the head librarian of the library joked it would be nice to have it back. A month later his estate returned the book intact- it was 221 years overdue.



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