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Archaeologists find 2100 year-old farmstead in Israel

Archaeologists in Israel have unearthed a farmstead, and they believe that it was abandoned by the previous inhabitants.

The farmstead was discovered near Israel’s northern Sea of Galilee during an excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The dig was conducted during investigations by Israel’s national water company. The plan is to create a pipeline to bring freshwater to farmland in Israel and neighboring countries.

Excavators at the site discovered a trove of ancient items, which have stood still in time for 2,100 years. These ancient relics have given them insight into the lives of the people that lived there over two millennia ago. Amongst the discoveries were large, intact ceramic storage jars, and weights for weaving looms, still sitting on a shelf.

Archaeologists find 2100 year-old farmstead in Israel
Loom weights found at the 2100 year-old farmstead. Image credit: Assaf Peretz Antiquities Authority

“We were very lucky to discover a time-capsule, frozen in time, in which the finds remained where they were left by the occupants of the site,” said lead archaeologist at the site, Amani Abu-Hamid.

Archaeologists find 2100 year-old farmstead in Israel
Ancient iron tools discovered at the farmstead. Image credit: Dafna Gazit, Israel Antiquities Authority)

Other items including coins and iron picks and scythes were also discovered. The amount of weaving loom weights found suggests that the family that lived here also kept herds of sheep and goats for wool.

Was the site abandoned?

The amount of items that were left by the ancient inhabitants of the farmstead makes it seem likely that whoever lived there left in a hurry. The reasons why are currently being discussed amongst the team working at the site.

“It seems that they left in haste in face of an impending danger, possibly the threat of a military attack,” Abu-Hamid said.

This ancient site was not the only discovery either! The archaeologists also found the remains of an even older 10th century BC site, according to The Times of Israel.

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