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Oxygen Is Discovered,First Footage of White Giraffes & More Good News in History For The Week August 1-8

Throughout history there has always been something positive happening in the world. We're going back in time to look at some of the good news in history for the week of the 1st August.


August 1

Oxygen Is Discovered in 1775

On August 1 1774 oxygen is discovered by chemist Joseph Priestley. He discovered the gas by heating red mercuric oxide, finding that a candle would burn and a mouse would thrive in the gas that was created.

August 2

First Footage Of White Giraffes In 2017

White giraffe pictured with regular giraffes. Image credit Community Conservancy

Footage of white giraffes was released on August 2 2017 by Hirola Conservation Program in north eastern Kenya. The white pigment in the giraffes was not caused by albinism, but leucism, which doesn’t inhibit all colour pigments.

August 4

Supernova Visible In 1181

The Supernova SN 1181 was seen by Japanese and Chinese astronomers in 1181. The supernova was recorded in 8 different texts. It was visible in the night sky for 185 days.

August 5

Neil Armstrong Born In 1930

Astronaut Neil Armstrong was born on August 5 1930. He famously became the first person to walk on the moon. Interestingly, Armstrong could legally fly planes before he even obtained a driver’s license, after he received his student flight certificate on his 16th birthday.

August 6

Lyndon B Johnson Signs The Voting Rights Act in 1965

The Voting Rights Act sought to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote. After the Act was brought into law there was a huge increase in the amount of African Americans voting.

Latest Good News

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