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Mexican judge bans bull fighting indefinitely in Mexico City

A federal Mexican judge has indefinitely banned bull fighting on animal welfare grounds in Mexico City this week. In January the state government of Sinaloa, of which Mexico City is the capital, improved animal welfare laws including a ban on bull fighting and fines of up to $1,000 US for acts of animal cruelty. However the bull fighting ban did not automatically apply to Mexico City, despite being within Sinaloa. This ruling now extends the ban to Mexico City.

Momentum for a ban has been growing over the past decade. In 2013 a survey found 73% of Mexicans supported a ban. Four other Mexican states have already permanently banned bull fighting since 2013. Felipe Marquez from Humane Society International (HSI) Mexico said:

“This is an important reform in Mexico because it reflects the views and sentiments of the majority of Mexican citizens who believe that bullfighting should be banned. We cannot hope to tackle violence in our society if we still allow animals to be stabbed to death for our entertainment.”

Whilst bulls are often thought of as mean and aggressive, this persona was falsely created by the bull-fighting industry. Bulls are tormented and injured to provoke them into fighting.

Some want to change how bulls are perceived by the public. In Rennes, France, animal-rescuer Christophe Thomas rescued a bull named Fadjen, a bull trained for fighting. If not for his rescuer, Fadjen’s life would have been short and his ending painful. Christophe wants to show the world that bulls can be gentle and loving creatures. See the video below to see how Fadjen is loving life with his new pal Christophe.

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