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Random Act of Kindness: Anonymous Envelopes Filled With Cash Posted Through People’s Letterboxes

Christmas is known as the time of giving, and several lucky houses were targeted by an unknown festive fairy.

In Clifton, UK, several people woke up and checked their mail two days before Christmas to discover envelopes filled with cash. The envelopes gave no indication as to who left the money, however, a message was written on the envelope, with the words ‘random act of kindness’.

Each anonymous envelope contained £100, and for some recipients of the money, the gesture couldn’t have come at a better time.

Sarah Lynne, who received one of the envelopes, told Nottinghamshire Live she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the gesture.

“Things like this never really happen for me. I’ve seen people post it over the years and have always thought it was such a lovely gesture, especially this year it will really help.”

She added: “Whoever it is that does it is a hidden hero and has the kindest of hearts. With everything happening in the world right now, it’s just nice to know there are still good people, it’s really heart warming.”

Sarah said that she planned to spend the money on topping up her gas bill, buying her sons small gifts. She also plans to pay-it-forward and buy some food to donate to food banks.

Another recipient of the envelope, Peter Dennis, also planned to use some of the money towards topping up his gas, and going for a meal with his wife.

This isn’t the first time that the Christmas gift giver has shown their generous spirit. In 2020, 100 envelopes were posted in Clifton through random doors. Let’s hope it is a tradition that continues!

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