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Kindhearted students raising money so their teacher’s wife can have heart surgery

A group of kindhearted students from the United States have shown amazing generosity towards their teacher by raising money for his sick wife.

The students of Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona have raised nearly $10,000 to help Mr Guy, their government and economics teacher, pay for his wife’s medical costs. One of the students spoke to Fox News about the importance of acts of kindness:

“We just need more kind acts, no matter how small it is or how large it is,” said Parker Bond, who recently graduated from the high school.

“A teacher like Mr. Guy — who gave so much to us when he was down in a situation like this — was able to receive back because of his kindness and all he did for us,” Bond added.

Clayton Guy had been teaching at the high school since 2004, and was known amongst the students for making classes interesting and interactive. However, when he started to become less energetic in the classes, the students soon figured something was wrong. This is when Mr Guy revealed his wife’s health predicament to his students, and that she would need open-heart surgery.

“I was missing days and missing time, and on March 11, we did the surgery. Then I had to be out from that day on, because I was her nurse and the person who would give her the pills and take care of her and be at the hospital.”

The students, realising how expensive the surgery would be; even with insurance, decided to start a gofundme fundraiser for their teacher to help him and his wife out.

Mr Guy said he was taken aback by the students’ desire to help his wife.

“I was just honored,” he said, “It kind of made me cry. People were so kind.”

Mr Guy’s wife, Angel, is currently on the road to recovery!

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