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92 Year-Old Flood Victim Reunited with Long-Lost Cat

A 92 year-old woman from Lismore, Australia, has been reunited with her long-lost cat, after a ten month separation.

Valerie Axtens had not seen Mendelson, her beloved black and white cat, since the floods that hit Lismore, New South Wales, in February last year. Valerie had been rescued from the window of her home after floodwater rose to the house’s attic.

After the floodwaters had receded her son returned to the house to find the cat had survived.

“He was in a cardboard carton on my bed,” Ms Axtens said to ABC News.

Mendelson was fed by Valerie’s son everyday for a month, until the feline suddenly disappeared.

Valerie suspects it was a feud with a stray cat she dubbed Digby that made Mendelson decide to scarper.

“Digby was not at all helpful, he kept fighting with Mendo so much so that Mendo finished up with a very large hole in his head,” Ms Axtens said.

After being gone for ten months, however, Mendelson returned, and “walked in like he never left”, according to Valerie.

I was absolutely amazed and totally delighted,” she said. 

“Almost shocked to think that he had survived, it was unbelievable news.

“Goodness knows where he’s been but whoever was looking after him was very kind and they deserve a medal.”

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