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86 year-old woman becomes longest serving flight attendant

An 86 year-old woman has been recognised as the longest-serving flight attendant in the world in The Guinness World Records. Bette Nash from Boston, Massachusetts, has been serving customers in the sky for nearly 65 years.

Nash began her career with Eastern Airlines in 1957 at the age of 21. Eastern Airlines later became a part of American Airlines, and she still works for the company today. Things have changed a little since the 1950s though. When Nash first started working for the company, cigarettes were handed out to passengers as part of the onboard experience!

Nash flies the New York-Boston-Washington D.C. route, and has since she first became a flight attendant. Back then, she was given her pick of routes, and chose this one so she could be home to look after her son who has disabilities, who she still looks after to this day.

On top of being a great mother and dedicated employee, Bette is also a favourite with passengers. One passenger told ABC News:

“I fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year, but these are always my best flights when Bette is on the plane.”

Despite her six and a half decades of service to the airline industry, Bette has no intention of stopping work anytime soon. When asked about quitting work she said,

 “As long as I have my health and I’m able, why not work. It’s still fun. Plus, I’ve at least made my Diamond Jubilee, just like Queen Elizabeth.”

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