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Perth organisation celebrates 3 years collecting socks for the homeless

Deb Maybury from Perth, Australia, has just celebrated her organisation, Socks for Cooper, turning 3 years old. In honour of the occasion, the Mandurah Bridge, around 75km south of Perth, turned orange. Socks for Cooper began after Deb was inspired by a person in America creating a collection box for aged people. She began to collect new and unused socks, as well as setting up ‘Socks for Cooper’ charity boxes for people to easily donate their socks.

The mascot for the organisation is Deb’s own dog, golden retriever, Cooper, whose face adorns the charity boxes. So far Deb and Cooper have collected over 2100 pairs of socks, which they have donated to local charities.

Why socks?

Socks are the most requested item from charities that assist homeless people. They are the most needed item, but the least donated! Unlike other clothing items, socks can get dirty easily, and need changing more frequently!

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  1. This is such a great service that Deb supplies .. thank you so much. If people just realized the value to a homeless person, or someone living in their car or sleeping rough who may be spending 24/7 in their sweaty, wet damp shoes n socks. Being able to slip into clean dry socks is such luxury. PeelConnect is a small group who provide an outreach service, chatting and acknowledging those on the streets without homes and assisting where we can. The Socks from Cooper are always so welcome .. its so hard to look after your feet when you have no place to call home. Bless you and thank you so much for what you do Deb ❤ .. Liz Sheridan, Mandurah.


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