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Meat 2.0: 3D Printed Lab-Grown Meat

MeaTech 3D, an innovative Israeli company, has developed a lab grown 3D printed meat called Meat 2.0. The futuristic meat is grown by harvesting stem cells and then state-of-the-art technology called bio-printing is used to create the final product. 

Simon Fried, Head of Business development, said slaughter-free meat had both ethical and environmental benefits.  “We choose to take the [stem] cell samples from umbilical cords, we figure that is the least inconvenient place from the cow’s perspective,”

Fried explained that the technology worked by bio-printing thin layers of stem cells, which are then stacked together to form the final piece of meat. “A stem cell can become any kind of cell, and we of course want those to become either muscle or fat cells, what we associate with the food that we eat.” he said.

The lab meat industry is expected to reach $94.54 Billion by 2030 and save billions of animals every year. Peta’s spokesperson  Dipti Kapoor said “Lab-grown meat is a promising futuristic idea with the potential of saving billions of animals from being slaughtered,”.

Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary on Tech Crunch
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MeaTech has attracted some high profile investors including Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary. “We are delighted to partner with MeaTech and assist it in its journey to become the market leader in cultured meat production,” said Ashton Kutcher. 

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