US passes huge wildlife conservation spending bill


The US House of Representatives has passed a wildlife conversation bill that will see $1.39 billion allocated to conserving endangered species.

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act was passed with in a 231-to-190 vote on Tuesday. This amazing feat will see money directed to protecting 12,000 species of plants and animals. The money will be dispersed in grants to non-profits in order to create and maintain habitats for endangered animals. It will also provide funding for providing education to underserved communities.

“Too many people don’t realize… that roughly one-third of our wildlife is at increased risk of extinction,” said House of Representatives member Debbie Dingell, who was the lead sponsor of the bill.

In the United States 1,600 animals have been identified as threatened or endangered, and in need of immediate assistance.

The bottom line is, when we save wildlife we save for ourselves,” said Collin O’Mara, who is the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

Hawaii will receive $60 million dollars in funding, the largest amount of any state. This is due to it being home to one third of endangered animals within the United States.

The bill could also generate as many as 33,600 direct jobs every year in fields ranging from construction to forestry.

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