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Total Eclipse, T-Rex Skeleton Found & More Good News in History For The Week August 8-14

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August 9

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Construction Started 1179

Construction started on the leaning tower of Pisa in 1179, there were many interruptions to its completion with the tower finally being completed in 1372. It wasn’t until the third story was built that it was noticed that the tower was leaning. Engineers tried to correct the lean which was caused by shifting soil by building the remaining storeys shorter on the uphill side to no avail.

August 10

100 Year-Old Fruit Cake Found In Antarctica Is Almost Edible In 2017

The 100 year-old fruitcake. Image from Antarctic Heritage Trust

A one hundred year-old fruit cake was discovered in a hut in Antarctica in 2017. The hut belonged to Captain Scott, who took this particular brand of fruitcake, made by Huntley & Palmers with him on his expedition between 1910 and 1913. Fruitcake would have been taken on the trip, as it was a high energy food that could last a long time without going off.

August 11

Total Eclipse Of The Sun In 1999

Image from Plymouth Herald

On August 11 1999 there was a solar eclipse. This particular eclipse was one of the most viewed in human history. Viewing parties took place around the world, and people wore specially-designed glasses to view the eclipse in safety.

August 12

Most Complete Skeleton Of A T-Rex Found In 1990

The most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was found on August 12 1990 at Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in South Dakota. The skeleton was nicknamed Sue, after the paleontologist that found it, Susan Hendrickson. It was dated to 67 million years ago and is 12.8 meters long. Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History won the dinosaur fossil at auction, paying over $8 million for the item, backed by Disney and McDonald’s. Both Disney and McDonald’s created replicas of the dinosaur, whilst the dinosaur has been on display at the museum since 2000.

August 14

Most Extensive Face Transplant Performed In 2015

Patrick Hardison received the most expensive face transplant in 2015 in the US.

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