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Good news in history 23 January


Have a look at good news from different points in history.


First US transcontinental airmail flight between New York and San Fransisco.


The first mass inoculation against polio began in 1954. By June the same year over 2 million children had been vaccinated against the disease.


In response to their energy crisis, the US began daylight savings two months early.


Twenty three years ago today American rapper Eminem releases his first major record, The Slim Shady LP. The album went on to sell 10.4 million copies.


The Nebra sky disc was recovered in a police sting in Basal, Switzerland. The sky disc is said to be the oldest artifact in the world that depicts the stars, sun and night sky. The disc is said to be 3600 years old, and was excavated in modern day German before being sold illegally. It is now permanently located in the Halle State Museum of Prehistory.

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