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French Women allowed to vote 21st October 1945


The French Legislative elections held on October 21st 1945 marked the first election women in France were permitted to vote. Almost 100 years after all men were given the vote in 1848.

1909 marked the start of the campaign for women’s voting rights in France, with the French Union for Women’s Suffrage (UFSF) being formed so that women could campaign to get the vote. A bill was introduced in 1914 to allow women to vote; however, it did not pass.

 After World War I it was widely expected that suffrage would be granted in recognition of women’s contributions during the War. In 1919 another suffrage bill was introduced to the Chamber of Deputies and this time passed; however, it was defeated in the Senate.

By 1928 the UFSF had over 100,000 members and was really gaining momentum.  After World War II ended in 1944 suffrage for all women in France was granted with the first election in which woman were allowed to vote held on the 21st of October 1945.

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