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First non-stop trans-North American balloon flight

On 12th May in 1980. Maxie Anderson and his son Kristian, made the first non-stop trans-North American balloon flight. The flight departed Fort Baker in California near The Golden Gate Bridge on May 8th, and landed in Quebec on 12th May. The balloon landed in a meadow in a pine forest in the picturesque region of Canada. The flight was 2,800 miles, and the pilots took along a range of foods, including jelly sandwiches, potatoes and soup! The helium balloon was 75 feet tall, and even had a camping stove.

First non-stop trans-North American balloon flight
Maxie and Kristian Anderson. Image courtesy of Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum

According to a news report from 1980, Maxie Anderson, was an experienced balloon pilot, who outmaneuvered thunderstorms in the Rocky Mountain states by flying over one dangerous weather system and outrunning others.

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