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Recycling Warhammer plastic figurines into children’s playgrounds

Warhammer enthusiasts in the UK can recycle their unwanted Citadel plastic miniatures, old paint pots and sprues (the left over plastic sheet that holds the figurines pieces) at selected Games Workshop stores thanks to a new recycling scheme. The Warhammer Recycling Program, which is being trialled with recycling partner TerraCycle under their Brigade program, which will see “sprue bins” appearing at 28 UK locations by the end of March.

This recycling scheme is part of Games Workshop’s environmental responsibility initiative, which includes using renewable energy, providing electric vehicle charging points, and using eco-friendly packaging. A representative from Games Workshop said “However, the recycling program can only work if hobbyists actively participate and recycle their old sprues and paint pots.”

What will the recycled plastic make:

Recycling Warhammer plastic figurines into children's playgrounds
Rubbish bin made used TerraCycle’s recycled plastic. Source: TerraCycle.

The plastic used in Citadel miniatures is very high-quality and as such is suitable for use in different applications, such as garden planters, rubbish bins, playground equipment, or even table tennis tables. The recycling scheme is only accepting Citadel miniatures and their sprues and empty Citadel Colour paint pots, which are made of plastic with a known chemical composition. The scheme cannot recycle metal or resin miniatures or other non-Games Workshop plastic items at this stage as the chemical composition of the plastic is less known.

What else does TerraCycle recycle?

TerraCycle Brigade Program is a recycling initiative that aims to recycle hard-to-recycle waste by partnering with major brands. Other items that have been recycled under Brigade include coffee pods, baby food pouches, and cigarette butts. By recycling these difficult-to-recycle items, the Brigade Program helps reduce waste and promotes sustainability. The program also offers a fund-raising opportunity for schools, charities, and non-profit organisations, as they can collect waste and earn money for each item collected. The Brigade Program has been successful in diverting millions of Kilograms of waste from landfills and promoting sustainable waste management practices.

Where can I recycle my warhammer miniatures:

The Warhammer Recycling Programme will be available at selected UK Warhammer stores from the end of March, and the company plans to roll out the scheme to more stores and regions around the globe soon. Warhammer fans who wish to recycle their old sprues can bring them to participating stores, from Belfast to London, you can see the full list here.

Recycling Warhammer plastic figurines into children's playgrounds
Recycle bin for Warhammer spures – Soure: Games Workshop

Warhammer, a miniature wargame, is a popular hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. The game features a vast universe with various factions and storylines, and players use miniatures to represent their armies in battles. The new recycling scheme is expected to bring joy to Warhammer enthusiasts who are environmentally conscious and want to contribute to the planet’s well-being.

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