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Clean Hydrogen Fuel Pumps Starting To Roll Out In Australia

LINE Hydrogen's product lineup
LINE Hydrogen is set to produce Green hydrogen in Tasmania and rollout trucks ad pumps across the state. Image Source: LINE Hydrogen

There is no doubt that the popularity of Electric Vehicles (EV) has grown substantially in the past five years.

However, EVs are not the only cleaner alternative to traditional petrol vehicles. Clean hydrogen-powered vehicles are the next on the horizon, with the promise of only leaving water vapour behind.

Whilst manufacturers such as Toyota are starting to produce hydrogen-powered passenger cars such as the Mirai, it is commercial trucks that are really leading the charge with hydrogen.

The new hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai available in Australia via special order.(Image: Toyota)

In the Australian state of Tasmania an exciting new trial by LINE Hydrogen starting in early 2023 will create an entirely renewable energy-generated supply chain. Covering both the creation of green hydrogen and a full distribution network across major freights routes in the state.

The project crowdfunded $1.38million earlier this year and has since received $6.5 million in funding from the Australian Government. LINE has entered into a partnership with Bonney Energy; a Tasmanian company who operate fuel stations across the state. They will roll out the hydrogen fuel pumps at selected petrol stations across their network as well as directly at freight company depots.

Diagram of LINE Hydrogen’s process – Image Source: Line Hydrogen

LINE Hydrogen’s clean hydrogen production facility near Bell Bay in Tasmania is currently under construction and due to be complete in early 2023. The facility will use a combination of solar panels and modified hydrogen boilers from Canadian company Jericho Energy. Usually, these boilers combust the hydrogen; however LINE will use a catalyst reaction to generate temperatures over 700 degrees Celsius (1292F).

Illustration of Clean Hydrogen Truck, van and browser. Image Source: Line Hydrogen

As part of the trial LINE Hydrogen will lease and subcontract out commercial trucks that have been converted to use hydrogen to freight companies within Tasmania. The trucks will vary in size and include double trailer trucks. LINE Hydrogen have also put out an expression of interest to bus companies with the hope of expanding the trial further.



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