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Twenty-seven puppies rescued in a tiny plane

A group of volunteers recently completed a 90 minute flight in a small 4-seater plane which saw 27 puppies rescued. The project was spearheaded by Michael Young, who is the founder of Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights. Young, whose regular job is a university professor, is also a qualified pilot, and flies the rescue plane.

The group started their adventure from Orlando, USA, where the 4 volunteers flew 90 minutes to Alabama, USA. When they arrived they were met by volunteers from Animal Rescue Relay, who had collected puppies from overcrowded shelters around Alabama. The puppies were all in great danger of being euthanized as the shelters were overfilled.

The flight only touched the ground in Alabama for an hour. One volunteer, 26 year-old Cassandra Bergeron, said before taking off they made sure they had each dogs’ records. They also ensured the puppies were fed and let them run around and play so they would be exhausted for the return flight.

“I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land”

Then it was time for take off. The four humans boarded first, taking their seats. The volunteers from Animal Rescue Relay then helped fit as many puppies as possible into the plane with 27 boarding in total. The humans packed very lightly to ensure there was as much room as possible for the puppies.

The crew and puppies all enjoyed themselves, with the puppies getting plenty of cuddles throughout the 90 minute flight. Bergeron said, “I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land… I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.” One volunteer who couldn’t cuddle the puppies in the cockpit was pilot, Michael. The other volunteers ensured that the puppies didn’t distract him whilst he flew them to safety.

Once the plane touched down in Orlando the group were met by 15 additional volunteers who took the puppies to various rescue groups across Florida. All the puppies have since found furever homes.


Rescue flight! All puppies have been adopted 🥰

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