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Video Game Developer Behind ‘Stray’ Helps Raise Money For Homeless Cats

The video game developer that released the hotly anticipated game ‘Stray’ has helped charities for homeless cats raise money.

Annapurna Interactive created the game Stray, which focuses on a lost cat that has become separated from its family. The cat must find its way out of the city that is populated by robots and machines. And in the spirit of the game the company has partnered with cat charities to raise funds and awareness by giving away copies of the game.

Players donated $5 to be entered into a competition to win a copy of the game. The charities involved are Nebraska Humane Society, and Cats Protection, a UK cat charity. As the competition drew to a close, Nebraska Humane Society raised $7,000 dollars from 560 donations!

“That’s especially notable because the vast majority of those donations were from people who had never donated before” says Brendan Gepson, a marketing specialist with Nebraska Humane Society.

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