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Snoring pitbull wins best in rescue on THE AMERICAN RESCUE DOG SHOW

A snoring pitbull won best in rescue as part of a televised dog show on the ABC. The adorable dog named Capone beat off stiff competition from 6 other rescue pups. He won $100,000 for the charity that rescued him, San Diego Humane Society.

Capone once faced a bleak existence, living on the streets, until he was rescued and adopted by his adopter, Elisha. According to Petco Love, the non-profit that sponsored the event, it was Capone’s outgoing and friendly personality that helped him win over the celebrity judges: Paula Abdul, Leslie Jordan, and Yvette Nicole Brown. Capone’s hobbies include sunbathing and yodeling, according to his bio for the show!

Dog shows are usually only for purebred animals, but this show’s aim is to illustrate that rescue dogs can also be best in show. Petco Love gave over of $200,000 grants for the event. This included $10,000 to each rescue dog’s charity for the categories: Best in Belly Rubs, Best Couch Potato, Best Ears, Best Fetching, Best Talking, and Best Underbite.

Snoring pitbull wins best in rescue on THE AMERICAN RESCUE DOG SHOW
Best in Underbite winner Sabre. Image credit Maarten de Boer @ ABC

Almost 50 canines took part in the competition, which wanted to highlight the merits of owning a rescue dog.

Susanne Kogut, President of Petco Love, said:

“Petco Love is so excited to see rescue dogs spotlighted on a major platform like ABC and Hulu. We are thrilled to support the American Rescue Dog Show through our life-saving grants. Everyone wins when you adopt a pet!” 

If you want to watch this show and you’re in the US it is streaming on Hulu.

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  1. I was overjoyed to read your article about the snoring Pitbull who won “Best in Rescue” on ABC’s The American Rescue Dog Show. It’s heartwarming to see a heartwarming and unique story like this receiving recognition and bringing attention to the incredible abilities and lovable nature of rescue dogs.

    The fact that a Pitbull, known for their often misunderstood reputation, was able to capture hearts and win this prestigious title is truly remarkable. This victory is a testament to the power of love, compassion, and second chances, highlighting the potential and beauty that lies within every rescue dog, regardless of breed or background.

    It’s inspiring to witness events like The American Rescue Dog Show, which not only provide a platform for showcasing the incredible journey of rescue dogs but also emphasize the importance of adoption and giving these wonderful animals a forever home. This show serves as a powerful reminder that every dog deserves a chance at a happy and fulfilling life, regardless of their past.

    The recognition and celebration of the snoring Pitbull’s victory also shed light on the endearing and unique qualities of these animals. It’s heart-melting to see how something as simple as snoring can become a charming trait that captures the hearts of viewers and judges alike.

    I want to extend my congratulations to the snoring Pitbull and their loving owner for their well-deserved win on The American Rescue Dog Show. May their story inspire others to consider adoption and embrace the incredible potential of rescue dogs.

    Thank you, The Good News Hub, for sharing this heartwarming story that reminds us of the remarkable resilience, love, and joy that rescue dogs bring into our lives.


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