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Nervous Dog Brings His Emotional Support Rat To The Groomer

When 10 month old Sully went to the groomers for the first time he was understandably nervous. However, he had someone there to make sure everything was going to be okay- his emotional support rat, Benny.

Nervous Dog Brings His Emotional Support Rat To The Groomer
Best of pals. Sully and Benny sharing an emotional moment.

The owners of Sully were a little concerned about bringing their anxious dog to see groomer, and with good reason. Vanessa De Prophetis, of YouTube channel Girl with the Dogs is an expert groomer with more than 10 years’ experience. Somehow, Sully didn’t seem to know he was in such good hands, and at first tried to escape as he was washed down with jets of water. Whilst Sully couldn’t be calmed down with tasty treats, Benny was regularly brought to Sully to reassure him.

Nervous Dog Brings His Emotional Support Rat To The Groomer
Sully and Benny with groomer, Vanessa. Source Youtube

After Sully’s groom, it was Benny’s turn to be bathed. The emotional support rat let out a few squeaks as he was washed in a tub of warm soapy water, and gently rinsed off.

Pet groomer, Vanessa also had some kind words to say about pet rats:

“Despite the theory that rats are dirty and carry diseases, pet rats are quite the opposite and are often overlooked as family pets for this reason,” she said.

We love this story of animals helping out one another. Emotional support animals are growing in popularity as service animals, primarily for humans.

What are emotional support animals?

Emotional support animals are typically animals that support humans (though Sully and Benny’s relationship is a great example of how animals can help each other overcome emotional difficulties). These animals can provide emotional support and companionship to people with disabilities, and help them to manage their disability. Typically emotional support animals are cats and dogs, however there are cases of snakes, lizards, horses, ducks and peacocks providing comfort to their owners!

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