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Mexico search and rescue dogs travel to Turkey and Syria to help with Earthquake recovery

Mexico is helping in the aftermath of the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria by sending some of their famous search and rescue dogs.

to Turkey to assist in finding people buried under rubble after an earthquake.

A plane carrying 16 highly skilled dogs departed Mexico City on Tuesday, including Ecko, a Belgian Malinois, and at least one of the canines that aided in the 2017 Mexico quake. The dogs will assist in finding people buried under the rubble in the earthquake.

Specialized Teams Come Together for Rescue Efforts

Earthquakes aren’t unusual in Mexico, which has highly specialized civilian and military teams that often work together to help when disasters strike.

During the 2017 quake, search and rescue dogs won the hearts of the Mexican people when they helped to locate people in the rubble, saving lives as they did so.

Frida, a yellow Labrador Retriever became an international sensation when she was pictured wearing protective goggles and boots while searching for survivors in Mexico city.

Frida, the goggle-wearing yellow labrador found international fame during the 2017 quakes

During Frida’s tenure as a rescue dog, she was deployed to several countries, where quakes occurred, including Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador. She saved 12 lives and found 40 bodies during her career, before unfortunately passing away after reaching old age.

One of her pooch colleagues from the 2017 Mexican earthquake, Ecko, a Belgian Malinois, was seen at the airport in Mexico, ready to board a flight to Turkey.

It’s not just dogs that are coming together to help with the rescue mission in Mexico either. The military plane took off with dogs, military members, and Los Topos de Tlatelolco (The Moles of Tlatelolco), a civilian search and rescue group.

Dogs from Around the World Deployed for Rescue Mission

Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Libya, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States have also deployed dogs to assist in the search and rescue efforts in Turkey and Syria.

The dogs are trained to sniff out humans and alert their handlers by barking and scratching at the ground where the smell is strongest.

Mexican officials hope that their quick deployment to Turkey will help to save lives and result in rescues.

Because heavy machinery could cause the rubble to collapse further, dogs are an ideal alternative. When the dogs sniff out a person, they will bark and scratch at the ground. This alerts their handlers, who can then find people more precisely.

Dogs’ amazing sense of smell and ability to locate people in difficult situations make them essential in disaster rescue efforts.

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