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Heartwarming story: Firefighters rescue injured owl from crows

Whilst it’s not unusual for firefighters to rescue a cat from a tree, rescuing an owl is one of the more unusual animal rescues. However, this didn’t stop Russian firefighters in the city of Smolensk coming to the aid of an injured owl that they found outside of their firestation.

The firefighters spotted the Ural owl lying motionless being pecked by the crows and immediately jumped into action, chasing away the murder of crows. The owl was then taken into the firestation, where it was kept warm and fed until it was well enough to be taken to the vet.

Press officer Natalia Arbuzova described how firefighters in the west Russian city rescued the bird:

“The owl was lying motionless with an injured wing and crows were pecking at it,” she said.

“When the firefighters saw it they rushed to its aid, driving off the crows. They put the owl on a shovel and carried it inside the station. It was put in a box in a dark place because because it suffered from the light, and they fed it.”

The owl is now on the mend at the vets and on the road to recovery!

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