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15 Year-Old Rescue Dog Adopted After Being Returned After 12 Years

A 15 year-old rescue dog has been adopted by a new family after she was returned to the same shelter she was adopted from 12 years earlier. Netty was given up due to incontinence, a condition that is common in older dogs.

Initially no one was interested in adopting Netty due to her age. That all changed, however, when the shelter shared her story on social media. Netty went viral, and was seen by her future dog-mum, Amy Kidd, her husband and children. As fate would have it, Kidd is also a vet, and able to give Netty all the care she needs.

In the social media post by the Pennsylvania branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) they said: “Netty is 15-years-old. She was adopted from our shelter in 2010 and recently returned due to what the owners said was incontinence,”

After a round of medication, Netty was soon doing ‘wonderfully’. However, her “overall demeanor was fairly depressed,” said Gillian Kocher, director of public relations at Pennsylvania SPCA. “Due to her age, and that she was fighting a [urinary tract infection], she lived in our shelter’s hospital. Of course, she got lots of attention, but for the most part she slept.”

Kocher went on to say: “The return rate for animals varies, and it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, especially after a decade, it can be heartbreaking. It was in Netty’s case. But, instead of focusing on what had happened to bring her back to us, we chose to focus on how we can give her the best final days.”

“Our ultimate goal is to love and spoil her every day she has left.”

“Having lost our 12-year-old rescue Pointer to cancer last month, we have been keeping our eyes out for our next family member. Then came that face,” Amy Kidd said.

“Our ultimate goal is to love and spoil her every day she has left. We know we don’t have years left with her, but she will be treated like the queen she is from now on.”

Image of Netty with Vet Amy Kid and family.
Netty was adopted by vet Amy Kidd, and her family. Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Kidd’s three children raced to Philadelphia with their two other senior dogs. The kids “fell in love” with Netty, who got along with their other dogs immediately.

“They drove her home and she immediately fell asleep on the couch with my daughter surrounded by our six house cats. By the next day, she was dragging my kids’ bean bag chair around the house and then curling up in it to take a nap. As it is now her security blanket, she does not go far without it.”

“We bought a huge teddy bear just so she can cuddle anytime she wants. Since my husband works from home, she has been supervising his Zoom calls outside on an elevated pet bed with her blanket,” Kidd said.

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  1. So great that you see the beauty and wonderful companionship that Netty still has to offer. We have a 17 year old Jack Russel mix that is at that stage of life. She is still full of love and still enjoys short walks and will always be here with us in her forever home.


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