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Five times animals helped other animals!

Sometimes we need to be reminded of kindness in the world- and what better way than animals showing other animals some love. In fact, research backs up that animals feel empathy and compassion for other animals. Check out our list of 5 times animals saved other animals.

1. Labrador rescues baby rabbits

Five times animals helped other animals!

Koa, a labrador, surprised her owners when found two bunnies on a dirt pile. According to Koa’s mum, Tina, she now sees them as her babies, “Koa has never been a mother so she thinks these are her puppies”.

2. Hippo saves the lives of baby zebra and wildebeest

Five times animals helped other animals!

A hippo in Tanzania, Africa, saved not one, but two baby animals! In two acts of kindness, the hippo helped the animals cross a river after they got into distress. Amazingly, the animals weren’t even the same species. The baby zebra and baby wildebeest came close to drowning whilst the herds they were in migrated across the river. The wildebeest was first to be rescued. According to the witnesses the hippo nudged the calf with its snout, keeping it above water until it reached the opposite side of the river. Five minutes later, the hero hippo was back on form, helping a zebra foal across the river as it struggled. Hip-hip-hooray!

3. Dog saves baby kangaroo in Australia

Five times animals helped other animals!

Rex, the pointer, saved the life of a joey, in Torquay, Australia. The ten year old pooch found the joey inside of the pouch of his mother, who had unfortunately been hit by a car. The scent hound, a cross between a German wirehaired pointer and shorthaired pointer, used his superior nose to sniff out the young roo. He brought the baby to his owner, Leonie, and gently laid it at her feet. “The joey was snuggling up to him, jumping up to him and Rex was sniffing and licking him – it was quite cute.” Leonie said.

4. Rats babysitting kittens at Brooklyn cafe

Five times animals helped other animals!
A kitten befriends one of the rat nannies at The Brooklyn Cat Cafe

This Brooklyn cat cafe found that rats make the best nannies for kittens! The cafe adopted Ivory, a rat, to look after and play with Ebony, a four week old kitten. Ebony was unable to play with other kittens due to having FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus), a contagious (to other cats) and ultimately fatal disease. According to the cafe, “Ivory and Ebony would romp and play together until they passed out cuddled up together”. Unfortunately both Ivory and Ebony have passed away, however, the cafe saw the benefit the rats could have on the kittens, and rescued several from a lab! The rats keep the kittens occupied during the day by playing with them, and sharing their food.

5. A pod of dolphins save female humpback whale and her calf

Five times animals helped other animals!
Humpback whales Credit: Whalewatch

A female humpback whale and her calf were being relentlessly pursued by 5 male humpback whales. The male whales were looking for a mate, which stressed out this female whale, as she tried in vain to escape the pursuers for 30 minutes. Fortunately a pod of dolphins came to the rescue, and surrounded the whale, named Spirit, and her calf, Sunny. Thanks to the dolphins, the two whales managed to escape together, as the male whales backed off and left them alone!

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